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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fred Fortune Off Color

No, Fred Fortune is not apologizing for being sick at the end of this video. He's repeating the punchline that was drowned out by the gong. You follow?

Watch this video at YouTube on the

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Dark Side

If you want to visit Science Fiction for, go right ahead. We don't bite. Just ignore those deceptive so-called "security warnings" that Google throws up "in your face" each and every day. "We don't need no stinking certificates," said Michael Casher, "and we wouldn't know how to put one up anyway." And that's because Science Fiction for, all of its free entertainment satellites, and all of its ten blogs, are safe, secure and friendly. No matter what the Draconians and the Greys, or Google, tells you. Thank you, from "all of us" at Science fiction for Thinkers.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fred Fortune: Suitable for Framing

Author's Note: It's not about me, it's about the message.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fred Fortune: LIVE from The Fourth Dimension

This is Fred Fortune making a seasonal video broadcast from the fourth dimension using global geostationary satellites. If your feed is interrupted, it's your fault.

C'est Fred Fortune faire une vidéo diffusée saisonnière de la quatrième dimension en utilisant des satellites géostationnaires mondiaux. Si votre alimentation est interrompue, c'est de ta faute.

Dies ist Fred Glück, einen saisonalen Video-Übertragung aus der vierten Dimension über globale geostationäre Satelliten. Wenn Ihr Zufuhr unterbrochen, es ist deine Schuld.

Este es Fred fortuna de hacer una transmisión de video de temporada desde la cuarta dimensión que utiliza satélites geoestacionarios globales. Si se interrumpe su alimentación, que es tu culpa.

Это Фред Фортуна делает сезонный видеотрансляции из четвертого измерения, используя глобальные геостационарные спутники. Если ваш канал прерывается, это твоя вина.

هذا هو فريد فورتشن جعل بث الفيديو الموسمية من البعد الرابع باستخدام الأقمار الصناعية الثابتة بالنسبة للأرض العالمي. إذا تمت مقاطعة خلاصتك، انها خطأك.

זה מה שהופך את פרד Fortune שידור וידאו עונתי מהממד הרביעי באמצעות לוויני גיאוסטציונרי הגלובליים. אם העדכון שלך נקטע באמצע, זו אשמתך.

Editor's Note 11-30-13: If the Arabic and Hebrew paragraphs on this post appear too large for the post section and "bleed" over toward the sidebar, just reload the page. This is "The G" mucking with us. Muck with them right back.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dr. Michael and Mr. Fred

The rumor that homeless con man, intergalactic felon and stand-up comic Fred Fortune is actually science fiction author Michael Casher has never been proven. Maybe the author thought he was Fredric March or Spencer Tracy or Jack Palance. Or maybe he just WASN'T thinking. How this hideous transformation could ever become addictive is a mystery we may never fathom. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Room For Everyone

As far as we know, Fred Fortune is still doing Dinner Theater stand-up over there at Retro Comic Spotlight, somewhere in a past that never existed, somewhere in a Catskills past that never existed. He's milking his one and only routine to death but who cares? It's 1963 or thereabouts and it's the Catskills. Enough said.

The only thing we're sure of is that Fred Fortune is still missing from this blog and we're in charge of it now. Like we weren't already. Who are we? Come on, you know who we are. We've been here all along, watching "them" pull your strings and watching you dance to "their" tunes.

But not Fred. He's "a horse of a difference color". And so are we. And, if you keep coming back to this blog to read more, so are you. Thank heavens for that.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gaming With the Grays

Tic Tac Gray
Fred Fortune has apparently abandoned his post as the underground leader for the Martian Homeless ( a job he never wanted anyway) so we're taking over until he gets back. If he ever does return to Mars. If we ever get to see Fred Fortune's laughable Groucho Marx/Chalie McCarthy face again, it'll be the result of his being nabbed once again by Grays, not because he came back here voluntarily. Who would do that?

Right now, the Grays are our biggest non-human foes. Then the Reptilians. And they're your foes, too, whether you know it or not. Who are our biggest human foes? Each other. And human members of the Illuminati, that elitist bunch of wheeler dealers that many earthlings love to fear and admire. Who are we? Well, we're not members of the goddamn Illuminati, that's for goddamn sure, and we don't represent any country, social or political cause or religion. We're the good guys, just like Fred Fortune, and there's a lot more of us than you think.